Swrve Lightweight Trouser shorts

Swrve, Based in LA, has been an incredible brand for us. Test after test their materials and stitching hold up to the most brutal tests. We’ve tested these shorts on our daily commutes, MTB shreds and adventure tours with little to no issues. Here’s GM of the Spindle, Andy Lovell, withis his take on this new addition to the Swrve arsenal.


Swerve is quickly becoming one of my favorite cycling brands. Founded in 2005 these guys have churning out durable and functional clothes. I’ve owned a few pair of their shorts and have fallen in love with the Lightweight Trouser Shorts. I was looking for a pair of shorts to wear for a 3 day bike tour from Atlanta to Asheville and a 2 day bike packing trip through the mountains of Virginia. I wanted one pair of shorts to wear both on and off the bike for the full duration of the trip and the lightweights fit the bill perfectly.


Coming in at a scant 179 grams these shorts kept the legs feeling light and airy on tour. The no stretch waistband and the low cut waist in the front kept the shorts in place and super comfortable for long miles in the seat. A sudden rainstorm was also of little concern with the DWR coating adding a nice touch of water resistance.


While a great city short, in the woods is where these shorts really shined. They transitioned seamlessly from the bike, to hiking trails, to the camp site. Triple stitched in all the right spots and a 4 way stretch fabric landed itself perfectly to pretty much any outdoor activity you could think of. Mesh pockets where a nice touch for drying out quickly after quick dips in the river. After hundreds of miles on tour with these shorts they are showing no signs of any wear and tear! The one thing that surprised me most about these shorts is that they didn’t smell after days on the bike. Even coming out of the woods after 2 days the shorts had little odor and I felt that I could of easily kept wearing them for days to come.

The Spindle Rides to Terrapin Brewing




The Spindle has teamed up once again with the good people at Terrapin brewing for a spirited race and ride from Atlanta to Athens and back! The Terrapin team has opened their arms and are letting us camp at the brewery! Meet at The Spindle on 9/17 at 7am for sign in, racers will start at 8 and ride will start shortly after!

The race portion will be self supported, and the ride will include a SAG car provided by Westside Bikes! Once in Athens we will set up camp (or whatever other accomodations you would like!) there will be a brew tour, music and food for all to enjoy!

On Sunday Morning (9/18) we will have an amazing breakfast provided by Lotta Frutta! then head on our merry way back to Atlanta! Route to beposted up soon! Racers will be capped at 30 and riders at 50.

This is around 140 miles of riding for the weekend, make sure you a prepared rider, the ride will pace around 11-13 mph.

Early Bird Tickets are $74 for both racers and riders, cost will go up to $100 (8/12) and $120 (9/2) and include the following:

-SAG car provided by Westside Bikes (Racers are self supported but can get checked out before and once we reach our destination)

-Beer Tour

-Breakfast Sunday provided by Lotta Frutta

-Ride Tshirt designed by local artist Jeremy Ray! (Riders who register after 9/8 will have Tshirts at The Spindle shortly after the event)

-Spindle Tool Pouch


Search and State A-1 Jerseys


In the three years we’ve been doing this blog, it’s always a treat to get one of our many amazing multi-talented customers to get behind the keyboard and tell us about their gear. Whether purchased in our shop or elsewhere, we, at The Spindle, love talking gear that we can test or potentially bring to our customers. With so many positive endorsements from several friends, we’ve decided to bring Search and State on as a new brand. Our rad ass friend, Damon a.k.a Crocodile Brown, indulges us with his forethought on their tops. His story and causes are admirable and we hope you also dive into seeing the positive things he does for the community around him, as well.



My cycling style and profile are different and varied to say the least. I ride a lot,
but not often (or maybe it’s the other way around). On top of that, my routine is as
multifarious as my iTunes catalog. You see, I may beat around town after work or
shift between my office in downtown, to a lunch in the AUC, to a meeting in
midtown, and, then, to an event at the State Bar. Or, I may ride the open road or
get left behind in a crit race.


Most of my riding, of course, is as part of my personal cycling initiative
(@bikeGAcounties) to bike in every Georgia county (again), benefitting
FB4Katl.org. It is on those rides that I tackle the rolling terrain north of the metro
area, the coastal views south and east of it, the agri-rural areas to the south and
west, and then the small and historic towns between here and South Carolina. I
have come to realize that in the midst of all of those rides, the truest constant has
been use of one of my four (4) Search and State cycling jerseys (I also own a
long sleeve merino base layer that is like butter in the winter week we experience!)
The S1-A green, the Aloha, the S1-A black, and the Patriot, sound like interstate
highways or wrestling moves. But, for me, they have been much more than that.
Those layers of intricately woven fabric serve as a barrier for me from drag and
from the sun. They serve as a trusted valet, allowing me to store personal
belongings and other essentials for the haul – long or short.

I can’t tell you about them technically. I’m just not that smart. I know what they tell
me. They (DJ Khaled voice) tell me the jerseys have a refined fit, offer reliable
performance, are tough and luxe and, like me, are made in the USA. I have seen
nothing to prove any of that wrong.
What I can tell you is, they are durable. I can tell you that they keep their form
and shape. My first SAS is over 2 years old and still performs today, the same
when it did when I first wore it biking in South Beach. I am guaranteed a
compliment about the jersey each time I ride, be it from fellow cyclists as part of
the MACC One Love, the waitress at the BBQ restaurant in Hiawassee, the
courthouse sheriff’s deputy in Webster County, the hotel clerk at the Jekyll Island
Club Hotel, the iron man participants in Augusta, or from your mom.
I can also tell you they are pretty. Yes. If you aren’t concerned about the look of
your apparel in addition to the feel, you’re dumb. You see, I am not built like
Daniel Teklehaimanot, nor do I have the metabolism of an Alonso Tal. But my
jerseys fit and feel comfortable – every time. Every time mashing. Every time I
zoom down the Beltline at 3.78 mph. Every time. I mean, you gotta feel
comfortable. And, AND, they allow me to stand out from the crowd, without
looking like I am about to sling shot Peter Sagan down the last 5km of a GT race.
They all have been used on days when I will ride straight for 50+ miles. They
have all been used on days when I commute in to work. They have all been used
on days that I have attended meetings. They have been used with base layers
underneath, and without. I use the hell out of them. Which means I wash the hell
out of them, and wash and wash. Colors are still robust and shape is still willing
to mirror whatever shape I may be in at the time (naturally I hang them to dry and
believe that makes a huge difference).

I got no complaints. THEY have told me that, from time to time, they are prone to
snag. I don’t know where those folk were riding but, even with an occasional trail
ride that I have put two of them through, no snags for me (please don’t be a jinx).
Let me tell you one other thing that has brought me back to SAS time and time
and time and time again. I like their story. Up until now, there has been no dealer
I could purchase from so all of my interaction has been via the web. Their service
is strong. Their commitment to building products in the US is unparalleled. Their
separate efforts in the community and at highlighting important causes are top
notch. I like their story.

So, while that review turned out to be something like a creepy love story, I am
#sorrynotsorry. I am looking forward to building the other parts of my cycling
closet with the bibs next and other essentials. Taking my relationship with SAS,
like my cycling, to the next level. dee


To learn more about the @bikeGAcounties initiative and support FB4Katl.org, follow Damon on Instagram (@damonelmore), Twitter (@bikeGACounties) and, most important, support the initiative with a tax deductible donation via http://www.razoo.com/story/bikeGAcounties2

New Spindle Kit Pre-Order!

The new Spindle Team Kits designed by local ATL artist Molly Rose Freeman (@Mollyrosefree) are now up on castelli’s site ready for pre-order! Orders will be taken until 6/27 so be sure to get down on it!! Big thanks to all our sponsors Lotta Frutta (@lottafrutta), Westside Bikes (@westsidebikes), Velo Coffee (@velocoffee), Hotlanta Yoga (@hotlantayoga), & Clay Parks Law!!